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Curve is an elegant solution to dealing with pain or cramp while writing or drawing. With various ways to hold Curve, you can find a way to suit your writing or grip style. Curve’s profile and form are designed to be rotated to suit your preference. This helps in cases of reduced finger strength or irregular grip and allows you to fit the grip around your limitations and needs.


Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller hands and people with limited grip capacity caused by illness or injury.


Curve is a perfect companion for drawing and painting (larger-diameter brushes). Because of its shape, it can be held loosely for drawing while still giving complete control and support without the need to grasp or squeeze as you would with a standard pen

✅Made from high-grade silicone rubber.

✅Perfect to aid Arthritis, carpal tunnel, injury, etc. 

✅Extraordinarily durable and autoclavable.

✅Ergonomically designed around natural grip posture.

✅Reduces pressure required to write.

✅Great for all ages 

✅Ideal for people with reduced grip or hand strength

✅Decreases the force exerted on the hand to write.

✅Comfortable and effortless to use.

✅Keeps the hand in a more relaxed natural posture.

✅Contemporary stylish design

✅Ambidextrous design


Length - 72mm

Maximum Width - 31mm

Maximum Height - 29mm

Weight - 27g 


Min pen Diameter                                              7.5mm

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