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Flo is a grip designed for comfort and control by utilizing its shape to ensure the user does not need to hold the grip with much force or pressure. The benefit of using little pressure to draw or write is that if the user has little-to-no grip or dexterity due to injury or medical conditions such as Arthritis. They can still use a pen or pencil and continue to perform tasks that would otherwise be far harder or impossible without the aid of Flo.


Flo’s main shape advantage is that it fits into the palm cavity, which holding a pen can cause. This guarantees that the palm is supported and relieves the strain of gripping the pen itself. By reducing the pressure of holding the pen, Flo promotes good writing posture and significantly reduces writing fatigue. This is especially beneficial in injury, RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, and more.


✅Made from high-grade silicone rubber.

✅Perfect to aid Arthritis, carpal tunnel, injury, etc

✅Extraordinarily durable and autoclavable.

✅Ergonomically designed around natural grip posture.

✅Reduces pressure required to write.

✅Great for all ages 

✅Ideal for people with reduced grip or hand strength

✅Available in 2 sizes – Small & Large

✅Decreases the force exerted on the hand to write.

✅Comfortable and effortless to use.

✅Keeps the hand in a more relaxed natural posture.

✅Contemporary stylish design

✅Ambidextrous design


Flo Small

      Length - 84mm

      Maximum Width - 32mm

      Maximum Height - 44.5mm

      Grip Weight - 44.5g

      Min pen Diameter - 7.5mm


Flo Large

     Length - 92mm

     Maximum Width - 35.5mm

     Maximum Height - 49mm

     Grip Weight - 60.3g


Min pen Diameter - 7.5mm

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