The ego™ story begins in 2012, when after having achieved success internationally in the computer games industry, ego™ founder Bez turned his skills to tattooing. Bez soon became aware that the tattoo machinery he was using was not best suited to his needs; with pre-existing rheumatic conditions that tattooing was making increasingly problematic, Bez began seeking a machine that was more balanced in weight, natural to hold, and sophisticated in design and efficiency. 

When no product was available on the market that allowed tattooists to focus on tattooing rather than their machines, Bez opted to create one himself. Focussing on light weight and affordable materials, the original ego™ tattoo machine came into conception.

While the initial ego iteration was successful and generated positive feedback, the semi-disposable nature of the product meant that improvements where needed to help reduce the negative environmental impact that the tattoo industry contributes to. This led to various iterations of ego products to be developed, with each version suited to different tattooists’ unique way of working, while maintaining egos core principles of ergonomic design and aesthetic sophistication. 

Now utilising recycled plastic, ego™ V2 and V2+ maintain the lightweight and affordability that make them perfect for those new to tattooing, while reducing environmental impact, with the Vertex being a more premium and metal-bodied iteration appealing to more established practitioners who still enjoy the traditional feel of a coil machine. 

As ego™ have continued to grow, the attention to detail has become increasingly nuanced; the ego™ Switch is the first machine on the market with an onboard switch and pen-like design, eliminating the need for a foot switch. The ego™ Polygon is to date the most versatile all-rounder; a low vibration, lightweight machine makes for a seamless tattooing experience, while the incredibly low volume of the machine ensures that a broad range of clientele can be tattooed without feeling intimidated by the harshness of machinery sounds. 

Building upon the core principles of accessibility and high-end design, today ego is taking the next steps in broadening their product range in order to benefit not just tattooists, but a wider demographic of potential users. 

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