Tiny Masks

Introducing our new line of Artist Reference models

The first is Tiny Masks Series One and Series Two.

Very limited Editions 250 of each set. Once they are gone, they are gone! ... we will make no more of each series. 


These are super cool, fun, Pre-Primed and ready to paint super Hi-Quality reference masks of popular characters from different cultures worldwide. We will be releasing other reference models in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled.


The first two series are based on masks from Asia, and we will be releasing tattoo references from all around the world. 

Series One
Series Two 
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Also, look out for other Reference products.

If you are interested, here is a little incite to the process of making the Tiny mask project.

First of all, all the masks are modelled in CAD software then taken into Zbrush and sculpted. From then, they are sent to our in-house SLS printer and printed in Nylon. This process takes around 25 hours per print run, and then each of the masks is cleaned and sent to the media blaster for additional cleaning and final inspection.

After final inspection, the masks are placed into an additional smoothing process for a few hours to give the models extra cleaning and an improved surface finish. After that, they are all taken to the spay booth and given a coat of high-quality low-viscosity primer and left to dry.
The packaging is all done in-house as the whole package is collectable, and the packaging is a crucial part of the project. The idea was to create a presentation box that feels like an old-time shipping container that might have travelled from a far-flung foreign land, or from a set of an Indiana Jones movie.
The materials for the boxes are laser cut and then hand-assembled, then primed and sent to the shot blaster to create a weathered look. Then logos are added. We then cut the foam and apply the finishing touches such as wood shavings and inlay tags. beauty is in the details
Lastly, the whole thing is lovingly put together and assembled and shrink wrapped, ready for shipping.

Now, this is where your fun begins ... get some paints out and go to town on them. We are looking forwards to seeing all your results and reposting them :) and all the best ones will be posted and maybe get a little gift for us ;)

now you have an infinite amount of ref for your next project. Enjoy Bez.

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