Design Thu Chaos - Procreate 5.2 Edition


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Design thru Chaos was originally released in early 2011 so it's only fitting that ten years later I have the pleasure to release a version for the newer generation of tattooers and their beloved Ipads.

DVD seminar was aimed at teaching artists to unleash their creative freedom

The models for the Ipad Pro and Procreate 5.2 hopefully the combination of the power of the iPad will help you create methods to help you think outside of the box when it comes to planning your tattoos.

I said Ten years ago the next big movement is the layout and ideas for a tattoo. Hopefully, this DVD will show you some simple methods to create stunning new flows and ideas. I will also include more models over the next few months so keep an eye out for them I will also put up the original video file up on youtube soon. 

have fun Bez


Models included with a 4k texture 

Head Male

Full body Male

Half torso Male

Full right Leg Male

Full left Leg Male

Arm right Male 

Arm left Male

Right Hand Male

Left Hand Male

Head and Neck Male

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