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Good news! Due to hundreds of requests we have decided to do one last very limited run of the Apex Overkill, one of our all-time best selling machines.

A rotary tattoo machine that is built from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminium. Sleek and SO powerful. A real workhorse built to last with all the reliability of a rotary machine and the versatility of a coil machine.

Its super strong Maxon made motor allows the machine to run at a lower voltage whilst effortlessly piercing the skin. Weighing in at only 122g it feels great in the hand and doesn’t add unnecessary strain on your wrist. A fantastic versatile machine that can be used for lining, shading, dotwork and really packing in that colour!

The Overkill, like most Ego models, utilises the remarkable ‘Power Triangle’ system which allows the user to alter the give of the machine. Each model comes with a variety of power triangles and each colour has a different density of rubber, graded from soft to super hard. The triangles simulate the back and front spring effect of a coil machine and allow the user to configure the Ego exactly how they like it in terms of give and throw! We recommend you run the machine anywhere from 3 volts to about 10 volts (if you are brave enough!)

  • Now comes with an RCA connection as standard
  • Guillotine vice clamp
  • Sleek solid design
  • Built from aircraft-grade aluminium 
  • Maxon motor
  • Now comes with a direct drive bar
  • 1-year warranty 

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