Ego Power Triangles replacement set


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Replacement pack of power triangles for use with EGO Rotary machines.

Each different colour is a different density of rubber; black is hardest, followed by blue, red, purple, green and finally yellow is softest. This allows the artist to configure their EGO exactly how they want it, in terms of give and throw. The power triangle system efficiently replicates the front and back spring system from coil machines. Combines the reliability and consistency of a rotary machine, with the same workability as a coil machine.

Basic Pack includes:

Black: 2 Blue: 2 Red: 2 Purple: 2 Green: 2 Yellow: 2 Power Triangle Armature TBar: 1 2: Rubber bands

Pro Pack includes:

Black: 2 Blue: 2 Red: 2 Purple: 2 Green: 2 Yellow: 2 Power Triangle Armature TBar: 1 2: Rubber bands 

also includes a

Solid ZERO GIVE TBar and a ZERO GIVE cartridge drive bar





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