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Ego is the smallest grip of the set and is designed to be used in two orientations. The large taper at the front allows the user fine control, almost at the pen or pencil point, perfect for fine writing or detailed drawings and illustrations.


While using the shallow taper at the front allows a more relaxed control of the pen or pencil, most suited to making notes or sketching.


This versatile little grip sits comfortably and allows the user to reduce the pressure required on the hand for the given task. Due to its size, Ego is perfect for smaller hands and can also be used by younger children where proper grip posture needs to be encouraged and learned.


Children who have difficulty writing, gripping, or have sensory feedback issues, could benefit significantly from using Ego.


Ego promotes good writing practice, but it provides non-intrusive aid, gradually building up the muscles and reflexes required for everyday writing without the grip looking out of place.


✅Made from high-grade silicone rubber.

✅Perfect to aid Arthritis, carpal tunnel, injury, etc.

✅Extraordinarily durable and autoclavable.

✅Ergonomically designed around natural grip posture.

✅Reduces pressure required to write.

✅Great for all ages 

✅Ideal for people with reduced grip or hand strength

✅Decreases the force exerted on the hand to write.

✅Comfortable and effortless to use.

✅Keeps the hand in a more relaxed natural posture.

✅Contemporary stylish design

✅Ambidextrous design



Length - 72mm

Maximum Width - 28mm

Maximum Height - 28mm

Weight - 26g


Min pen Diameter                              7.5mm

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