The coolest air freshener twin pack EVER


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Smelly Baby Cthulhu

Calling all Cthulhu fans! Our Lovingly Crafted (heh, heh) Smelly Baby Cthulhu is here to save you from being driven insane by the smells buried in the deepest depths of any vessel! 

Unlike his forebears before him, Baby Cthulhu didn’t inherit the slushy nastiness of cloven Sunfish, or the slightest stench of an opened grave- just some cool tentacles and a hint of Vanilla!


UN-Happy the Unicorn Air freshener !!!

Even though this majestic creature has enjoyed better days, UN-Happy can still brighten yours with his multi-coloured headshot wound!
This once noble steed now smells strikingly like a new car, helping make your journeys magical, if not a little morbid…

He's still colourful even though he's been shot in the head !! 

Designed by Bez From Triplesix Studios in the UK

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