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The Vertex 2 is the newest addition to the Ego family. An ultra-consistent, lightweight, robust and reliable daily workhorse. At only 85 grams, the Vertex 2 has a wrist-friendly weight and design. Made from the highest quality aircraft-grade aluminium.

As always, the Ego Vertex 2 utilises our patented ‘Power Triangle’ system.  Each machine comes with a variety of triangles, each colour signifies a different density of rubber, ranging from extra hard, to super soft. This allows the artist to configure the machine the way they like it in terms of give and throw. The Power Triangle system emulates the front and back springs of a coil machine, combining the efficiency and reliability of a rotary with the workability of a coil. 

This version of the Ego Vertex 2 includes a direct drive system option, this allows you to harness the full power of the Faulhaber motor, by using the direct-drive over the power triangles you eliminate the give, leaving you with more of an aggressive punch behind the needle.

Both types of direct drive require no set-up - just insert your preferred system into the slider and you are ready to go!


Key features

  • Utilising the German precision-engineered Faulhaber motor

  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminium

  • Improved geometry

  • Includes a Direct Drive cartridge bar

  • YZ-Rail system - improved smoothness, 60% less noise

  • RCA Connection

  • Super strong vice

  • Lifetime warranty on vice and shell

  • Weighing in at only 85 grams

  • Protective travel case



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